For sale

Dusty is now in South Carolina and his riding training is continuing. Email for new price.

Dusty is a very nice red dun gelding. He has had his wolf-teeth pulled and is up to date on shots, farrier, and vet care. He has completed 120 days of riding training and quickly became his trainer’s favorite because of his winning attitude and willingness to please. He is a beautiful gelding with his unusual coloring and very thick mane and tail. He has a nice conformation and is a good size for just about everyone – not too tall and not too short. He is very laid back and fun to be around. His breeding is excellent and his gaits are smooth and fun to ride. He is on his way to quickly becoming that all around family horse that so many people want to own. He has, by far, the smoothest ride I have ever had the pleasure to sit. He is not high strung and takes new situations in stride.

He does not have to be caught as he comes up to you when you walk out into the pasture. He is very friendly and will usually follow you back to the barn without a lead rope. He is easy to halter, stands well for foot work and bathes well. He generally loads well in a small trailer, but sometimes needs a push. He is very intelligent. Most of the pictures above were taken in his winter coat. He is very pretty when he slicks out for the summer.

Since we ride and show our mares, we really do not need this gelding and would sell him to the right home. We would like to see him used to help promote this wonderful breed either on the trails or in the Ring. As long as he stays with us, his training will continue. He is a wonderful example of color breeding at its finest. This guy has what it takes both inside and out.

Dusty is currently in training in South Carolina. If you would like to try him out, contact us and we will set up a time for you.

This foal arrived 05/16/06 at 6:30AM. He is a palomino colt with a star, small off-center strip, and a snip. He does not have any white on his legs. It looks like he is going to have a beautiful head with wide set eyes and a short nose. He has been imprinted and is very affectionate to people. He is very well bred with Rex’s Golden Trigger and Playboy’s Country Boy (out of Southern Playboy) for grandsires. He will be for sale at weaning – a deposit will hold him until that time (probably around September.)

He is going to be a dark, golden color when he sheds his foal coat. He is already showing nice gait in the pasture. Both his sire and dam are excellent riding horses and have been ridden by novice to expert riders. He is handled every day and will learn to lead, give his feet, and load by the time he is weaned. $1500.00

Hickorywood’s Moon Goddess 2001 light palomino mare –

We have had Hickory since she was around 16 months old. We had her trained to ride. She has given us 2 foals – the one above and the other can be seen on her page along with more pictures of Hickory (click here.) She has beautiful foals – big and very nicely conformed. She is also a spirited, fun riding horse for a rider with some confidence. She is very light in the winter, but is starting to show a much more golden color in the summer and she is dappled. She is very smooth and does have a nice foxtrot. We are not going to breed her back this year since her foal was somewhat late and she will be ridden until she sells. If the new owner would like us to breed her to Future before she leaves, we will do that at the buyer’s request. She is a tall mare – a very strong 15.2H and she weighs 1000+ lbs. She will be available when her 2006 foal is weaned – or we can sell her with the foal as a package deal. Hickory is for sale because her color is not what we need for our breeding program. If she were a black-based horse, she would not be for sale. She is a very nice riding horse and/or broodmare. It isn’t often that you can find one mare who can do this double duty as well as Hickory can.

Hickory alone – $3000
Hickory with the 2006 foal – $3800
Hickory alone bred to Future – $3400
Hickory and foal and bred to Future – $4000

We want your transaction to be a happy experience. We feel this will most likely occur if we set our terms from the beginning. We will hold a foal until weaning for 25% of the sale price and will hold a horse for the same 25% until arrangements can be made to pick up the horse. All monies will be applied toward the sale price of the horse or foal, but are non-refundable if the buyer chooses to back out on the sale. All extra costs (i.e. farrier work, medications, vet fees, etc) will be the responsibility of the buyer once the contract is signed. No horse or foal can leave our farm until the selling price is paid in full. We will be happy to have our vet come out at your expense and conduct a health check to whatever extent you desire on the horse or foal you are interested in purchasing, or you can schedule a time for your vet to come out to check the horse. Our horses are UTD on vaccinations to the point of the sale. We vaccinate for Potomac Horse Fever and we also give a 5-way vaccination (and booster for foals over 6 months old.) We will supply a current (within 12 months) negative coggins and health certificate (if requested) on our horses for travel. We try very diligently to inform you of any physical or health problems that we are aware of on any of our horses before the sale, but there is always a possibility of a problem that has not been detected. Since horses are live animals and problems can arise quickly, we do not guarantee the horse beyond the transfer of ownership. In the case of bred mare sales – we warrant that the mare is in foal at the time of transfer, but we cannot control the conditions after the sale and therefore cannot guarantee a live foal. Any guarantees or warranties must be stated in writing and signed by both parties to be valid. We reserve the right to change these terms of sale at any time and any contract between us will be in writing and signed by both parties.

We also offer a waiting list for those interested in first right of refusal on any of our foals before the expected foal date. For a $100 fee, we will place you on our waiting list in the order of payment and you will be contacted before any of our foals are offered to the public. If you choose to purchase one of our foals through this service, your $100 fee is applied toward the purchase price. If you decline any given year’s foals, your name will be transferred to the following year’s list until you find a foal that is right for you. If you decide you are not interested in any of our foals and want to be removed from the list, your $100 fee is forfeit. This is a good way to insure you have the first shot if you have something specific in mind that you would like to own (i.e. – a grulla filly.) If you are interested in this service, contact us and we will set you up on the list.